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My artwork. Hope you don't mind looking through my gallery.
But remember....
Warning: Self/Canon Ahead (Banner) by DarthSuki

Warning: OC/Canon Ahead (Banner) by DarthSuki
+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu
+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu
+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu+Stamp+ Do not call it Love by TenshiNoFuu
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Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
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Fluffle Puff Graffiti by ShinodaGE

Best Type of Vandalism EVER!!!! The color POPS right off the walls in a Bright,fun, and Energetic fashion. It kinda seems obvious thoug...

by Feitaru

I just have one thing to say too you.... ADORABLE:iconadorableplz:. The shading on this neko cat is puurfect. It's looks so cute in it's little pose :iconkittycatplz:....

Flame Princess VS Ice Queen by Yamino
by Yamino

No Words can Describe how amazing this picture is. So Lets just say that the Icecicels are SUPERB, especialy when it looks like that th...

If I wanted to see artwork by a TRUE artist... then I most certainly Came to the right place!!! I LOVE the Flying cars Look with the ga...

These are my TOTAL opinions on art



:iconkyoyaloveskiko: :iconfor-the-love-of-pets: :iconponiesandpokemon:


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If you're a fan of anime please read

I've discovered a forum where Otakus can gather and talk about anime without criticizing assholes barging in and calling us lifeless Weeaboos. It's called,
you can spend all day talking to other people about Anime and Manga. 

Here's my Profile:…
 Feel free to join. Tell them ThatOneHetaliaFanGirl sent you.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: The Budder dance.
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: Bashurverse
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Insta-cup Ramen
  • Drinking: Water
AN/ HEY GUYS~! While I'm still typing up my warriors fanfic I decided to create another one based on an actual dream I once had. But that doesn't mean that these events happened in said dream. It just was similar to it. Okay so this WILL CONTAIN SELF SHIPPING! don't like don't read.

Dreams, What are they but fragments of our imagination coming into play. Something that dances in our minds teasing us to death because it's out of our reach. We reach,we reach, and we continue to reach until those dreams are caught in our cold, clammy hands. But as we try our best to catch this fragment it resumes dancing, flying higher and higher out of our grasp. That's when we fall backwards, falling downward into a large pit of darkness. You sit there, crying in agony as your placed in this dark empty hole. So cold, so lonely. Tears soak your horrified face as you're curling up into a ball, trying to sustain warmth. Then lights begin to fade into your sight, beckoning you with it's warm embrace. You dry your bloodshot eyes as you slowly crawl towards it, praying to see that bright dream again, HOPING for a second chance to catch it when suddenly, you hear a loud ringing noise. As the sound begins you noticed you're being pulled closer and closer to that light against your own will. " NO, WAIT, DON'T TAKE ME BACK THERE, PLEASE!" your shouts were in vain as your eyes abruptly open. Alarm clock ringing, light shining brightly in your eyes blinding you for a couple of moments. That's when you realise... You can't catch this dream. It's so farfetched and over the top, reality is much too cruel to hold a dream such as that. You might not believe this when I tell you that, I've actually made this dream, my reality. Sounds crazy,huh? But what I tell you is the truth. Some of you will scoff in disbelief and some of you will drink up every word I say. But whether you believe me or not I will tell you this; "Every dream is like a child; Love and nurture it anyway possible."
My name is Lexi Sims; and I have caught that dream.

" Plink platta plink plink platta plink platta platta plink." The rain began to chatter as I woke up from my deep summer slumber. My soft, cloud like pillow had drool laced across it's yellow cover,obviously from last night. Still groggy from sleep I sat up, rubbing my hazel eyes to help me wake up. As I run my fingers through my thick,wavy, dirty blonde hair I place my small feet on the cold,dark green, carpet floor. I look around the room. The beige walls were so bland and expressionless, unlike the bright colored carpet. My TV was cut on, I had a large case of Nyctophobia ( Fear of the dark ) so I liked to have a source of light to keep me company. My night apparel wasn't so pleasing to the eye and looked kinda childish with a hint of tomboy. Wasn't much, just fuzzy Eeyore pajama pants and a XL sized duck dynasty shirt. I walked into the living room and saw my older sister passed out on the couch. Her dark brown hair was in a mess as she slept with her mouth wide open. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I loved my older sister to death, in fact I wanted to sleep in the living room with her. But my big boobs were really heavy, and my back was still angry at me from sleeping on the floor in here so I couldn't. I walked into the kitchen, and looked inside the fridge, it stunk of week old food and made the food in there really unappetizing, but I was used to the stench so I didn't care anymore. I looked around and finally found some applesauce. I fished it out of the mess of food with a grin on my face. " aww YEAH!" I whispered to myself as I made my way to the cabinet.

I was sitting down on the rough,green living room carpet, eating applesauce and watching Axis Powers Hetalia. I enjoyed seeing the bright colorful world come alive on my TV screen. Sometimes I just wish it was all real. To actually talk to them, hold them, see them. I felt a rough pillow hit the back of my neck, leaving a red burn mark on my sensitive skin. I looked back around to see my sister glaring at me with harsh brown eyes. " Turn that down I'm trying to sleep!" She hissed angrily. I roll my eyes and turned the TV down a couple of notches. I was getting extremely drowsy and lightheaded, my tired eyelids begun to hang down, making me look like a zombie. I was so expressionless, much like my rooms beige walls.  I was going to let my exhaustion overcome me, but that's when I heard a loud noise coming from the TV. It was distorted and awful, adding a few shrieks and wails into the mixed mess. It was kinda similar to the sound that an old radio makes when you turned the dial to find a station. Think about that but mixed with the horrifying wails of agonizing pain, and doubled with the shrieks of fear. The screen looked gray fuzzy, similar to the end of a VHS tape. I was horrified. That's when looked around and saw my sister sleeping peacefully on the couch. " How can she sleep through all this but NOT my Anime show!?" I asked myself outraged. I turned to look at the TV again to see two transparent shadow hands come forth from the screen. I ran towards my couch, not thinking clearly due to fear clouding my mind. I hoped that the hands wouldn't be able to reach me, maybe I'll get out of this alive. Unfortunately, my theories were incorrect. The hands grabbed my ankles, tugging me so hard that I fell backwards. They began to pull me towards the TV. I began to claw the carpet, attempting to claw my way to freedom. But all that did was tire me out. I began to weep solemnly, thinking; " is this really it? Am I just gonna die like this? Being pulled into the TV? I continued to cry bitter tears, that's when I blacked out.
Dreams of Wonderland Chapter 1
NO THIS IS NOT TRYING TO BE A KNOCK OFF OF ALICE AND WONDERLAND! DON'T THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE IT HAS WONDERLAND IN THE TITLE THAT IT'S GONNA BE A CHEAP RIP OFF. so now that we got that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the fan fiction even if it has self shipping in it. Remember constructive critisism ONLY. If you're gonna be a dick about it don't bother commenting.
A white she cat jolted awake with a yelp. Her icy blue eyes widened in horror. The cat looked around only to see other sleeping cats around her, obviously enjoying their dreams. The sun beamed in through the fern leaves, proving it was sun high. The pretty cat was panting as if she was exhausted. " Just a dream." She reminded herself quietly. She stood up to walk outside, but stepped on a fellow cats tail. " YEOW!!!," the dark gray tom screeched in a whisper ", Hey, Icefang, watch what you're doing, other warriors are trying to sleep here!!!" The enraged tom hissed quietly. Icefang looked into the green eyes of her deputy " Oops, sorry, Pepperheart." Icefang apologized. The deputy went back to sleep while Icefang continued to make her way out of the den. For a couple of seconds the morning sun blinded her, but when her eyes adjusted she saw a grassy clearing. The clearing was dipped inwards a little, making it look some what like a crater. On the outside of the dipped clearing, pointed rocks surrounded the camp  in a circle. The entrance was a large cavern hole, the outside looked like it was covered in green. That's because the outside part of the entrance was covered in vines, concealing it from any signs of danger. " I'm gonna visit Brokenleaf." Icefang sighed, thinking about her mother. " At least until Pepperheart wakes up." Icefang padded towards a large bramble thicket located on the opposite side of the entrance. She squeezed through the entrance of the den. Inside it were two elderly cats. One was a calico tom with amber eyes and a large scar on the right side of his flank. The other cat was a she cat with white fur with ginger splotches. She also had deep green eyes. The both of their fur looked unkempt and ragged as if they haven't been groomed in moons. " Hello Icefang." Brokenleaf welcomed. The tom cat yawned as he began to awaken from his slumber. " Can you keep it down," The old cat griped " I'm trying to get some sleep." Brokenleaf turned her burning green gaze over to her denmate. " Oh shut up Scarflank," Brokenleaf snapped " Not like we're warriors anymore anyway you old cat." Scarflank scoffed at her words. Brokenleaf rolled her eyes at him and turned to her daughter again. " Ignore him Icefang, he's just too old for his own good." Scarflank merely replied with another scoff. Brokenleaf ignored the stubborn elder and beckoned Icefang with her tail, hinting for her to come closer. Icefang obeyed and walked toward Brokenleaf, laying down in Brokenleaf's moss nest. " I heard that your apprentice, Featherpaw, is gonna be a warrior soon." Brokenleaf mowed, licking Icefangs' ear like a mother licking a tiny mewling kit. " Yeah, she is." Icefang yawned, getting drowsy from the ear licking. The feeling of the rhythmatic tongue strokes made her feel like a kit again. Icefang was so close to falling asleep until a loud familiar voice meowed and caught her before it happened. " Sleeping on the job, eh Icefang?" Icefang jolted awake, startled. She looked up and saw Pepperheart looking at her with seething anger and hatred. Icefang jumped up, startled. Pepperheart wouldn't let her talk. " If being a warrior is too tiring for you, then we could easily let you retire early and move you to the elders den." The deputy said with a smirk. Icefang was enraged but before she could snap back Brokenleaf cut into the conversation. " Hey, leave her alone," Brokenleaf snapped. "At least she's visiting her poor mother before she joins Starclan!!!" Pepperheart didn't know how to respond so he just walked away. " Thanks Brokenleaf." Icefang meowed. Brokenleaf smiled at Icefang. " No problem." Icefang said her goodbyes and walked outside. A gray tabby tom with sky blue eyes was padding over to Icefang. " Hey Fogstar." Icefang dipped her head as she greeted her leader. " Hey Icefang," Fogstar returned the greeting. " Hey I just came to tell you that your apprentice is gonna become a warrior at sundown tonight. Fogstar reported to Icefang. " Good." Icefang replied.  Icefang didn't want to, but she had to go see Pepperheart for her to know if she's gonna go on patrol today. She sighed " Well I need to see what patrol I'm gonna be in today, bye Fogstar." She dipped her head to her leader and ran off to find Pepperheart.

Pepperheart was located near the camp entrance. Icefang raced to Pepperheart where he was surrounded by a throng of cats. "Okay lastly, Icefang will be on border patrol with me, Dawnleap, Shadowhawk, Wolfpaw, and Featherpaw. All the rest of you go to your assigned groups." A pale cream colored she cat with energetic bright green eyes leaped towards Icefang. " YAY, we're gonna be in the same patrol together!" A she cat apprentice with a brownish ginger pelt and dark blue eyes followed her, she almost looked like a warrior. She wasn't as energetic as her accomplice. Icefang rubbed cheeks with the cream colored warrior. " I know, Dawnleap I overheard." Dawnleap saw Shadowhawk, A handsome dark gray tom with striking green eyes and an odd ginger patch on his back that closely resembled wings, walk up. " Shame that Ravenheart couldn't be with us." Shadowhawk mowed. " Well that demon douche, Pepperheart, put her in a hunting patrol with Shadowsoul" Dawnleap sighed. " Poor, Ravenheart. She'll probably get mauled by Shadowsoul when she's got her back turned." Dawnleap chuckled. Icefang snapped " Don't talk bad about Shadowsoul," The enraged cat remarked ", He's a sweet cat, he's just misunderstood!" Dawnleap was ashamed. " Okay I'm sorry, it was just a joke." " Well that was a little mean, Dawnleap." The apprentice cut in. Dawnleap was unaware of the apprentice, thus making her jump. " Wolfpaw when did you get here?" The startled Warrior remarked. " She was standing there the whole time, Dawnleap." Dawnleap was embarrassed " Oh,sorry." When Featherpaw and Pepperheart arrived they made their way to the entrance of the camp,padding their way through the vines. They were in a large grassy hollow that was shrouded with trees, blocking out parts of the sun. They continue walking to a large windy ravine, rocks pilled up on the right side of this ravine. Trees openly surrounded the ravine, making it vulnerable to attacks. This wasn't the border so they kept on going. They exit through a path on the left, passing numerous amounts of trees on the way. They eventually made it to a large hollow. The field had an arrangement of sunflowers decorating it. But a wide river cuts it off at the middle, water pouring into it via a large waterfall. The sound of the water hitting the river was so deafening that the cats voices were almost drowned out. Icefang continued to the rocks that lay beside the waterfall and began to mark their territory.  Once everyone was done they was gonna go on to the next border until a shrill scream sounded off. " HELP ME!!!!" It sounded like a she cat. " That sounded like Sliverpaw!!!" Shadowhawk yelled. Pepperheart opened his mouth to taste the air, collecting her fear scent. " SHE'S NOT THAT FAR AWAY," Pepperheart announced over the roaring waterfall. ", FOLLOW ME!!!" The border patrol cats began to race towards the screaming apprentice. Icefang was running so fast she felt as if she was flying. The scenery around her was nothing more then a blur as they tried to reach Sliverpaw in time. They were lead to a tall tree that had no leaves on it despite it being late Newleaf. A tiny white she cat with bright blue eyes was hanging from a thin branch on the tree. " HOLD ON SILVERPAW I'M COMING!!!" Pepperheart yowls. He unsheathed his claws and begun to climb the tree. Sinking his claws deep into the bark. He climbs and climbs until he made it to the top.  Icefang noticed that the branch couldn't support both of their weight. She opened her mouth to tell them till * CRACK *, the branch snapped and broke. Pepperheart and Silverpaw began to fall. Icefang looked around and saw a large boulder. Icefang jumped onto it and began to leap into the air. She caught Silverpaw by the scruff of her neck, completely forgetting about Pepperheart until she heard a crack from below. "OH STARCLAN NO!!!" Icefang thought in her head. Icefang landed on her paws. She put Silverpaw down and ran toward her deputy's stiff, lifeless, body. His neck snapped on impact, killing him instantly. "He's gone to live with StarClan now." Dawnleap sighed. "He had a good run as deputy." Shadowhawk mumbled. Wolfpaw cried at the loss of her mentor. Silverpaw cried as well, believing that it was her fault for the deputies death. With heavy hearts the cats dragged their deceased clanmate back home.
These are the cats of MoonClan, and they have lost their deputy.
Warriors Fang of ice Chapter 1
Hey guys it's here, sorry if it seems rushed. And that's why its low quality. Its a little bit rushed. But I promise the next one will be better quality. And so here.
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Lexi Sims
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
^ω^ Kiko Misamio ^ω^
Age: 20 (Admin’s age is 13)
Sex: Female (Admin’s sex: female)
Sexual Orientation: straight (Admin is as well)
Nicknames: Kiki, Kat
Nationality: German/American/Irish (Admin is too!)
Religion: Christian (I’m a Christian, too.)
Kiko has a lovely boyfriend. Russia has taken her heart! *swoon* (metaphorically, of course!)

More Information: Kiko has been through a lot as a little child, Abuse, Bullying, but she still keeps a smile painted on her face. She is VERY optimistic but if she is REALLY upset she'll be a bit of a pessimist. Her family were witches, and after a LOT of them were killed by the government she had to be raised by 2p England and 2p America, so Kiko is really grateful for what she has. She is very kind hearted and sweet… but when the time comes she’ll be sharp tongued! She can be very protective and won't take no crap from anyone! Give her trouble, you better have a death wish.
She carries around around a turkey feather she got from her stepfather. That turkey feather can transform into a GIANT sledgehammer (similar to Amy's Piko Piko hammer). Since she's Yandere she might just KILL anyone who takes away her boyfriend Russia. She's partly insane so just choose your words carefully. She is a very pretty and smart girl and is learning different languages such as: Russian, Italian, French, German, and Japanese.
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I hope our love will last forever. But who would've known that we were going to start this family so fast…But with each passing moment, I cherish those warm memories we made and lock them in my heart…and there they will stay for as long as we both shall live Ich Leibe dich my Strong,Handsome Russian. :heart:

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When I set a goal you'd break every bone in your body to help me reach it. You understand my fantasies and also help me improve on them. I'll do whatever it takes to return the favor.

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She's my pet Dragon sister.

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